Investment Pool

Starting an investment Pool for the forex investor whose are interest to earn forex market but dont have time to Trade. we started investment pool So we can managed your investment wisely. It is also called as Forex managed account service.

What is Invest pool ( managed accounts)  and how does is work?

– You have to open account under our broker and deposit minimum to maximum amount of money.

– Minimum investment is 1000$ and maximum is 100k$

– We will update you weekly with reports about ur investment or you can check your weekly statement in the broker accounts.

– you can widhtraw your profit or full amount on monthly basis.

– We charge only 30% of the profit made by user.

–  Investment will be via paypal, Credit card, Wmz, Banktransfer, Moneybookers.

– We take only 100 people per pool.

–  You will have to transfer the profit share to us after each month ends.

How much Return i can Expect a month?

–  You can except 5-15% of the return per month .

– Return are endless but we try to trade safe and protect the investor money.  we are expertise in managing account so we only trade 2% of account at a single time which keeps the risk margin safe.

Terms and condition :-

– Investment are subject to market Risk.

– We are not reponsible for any losses occurred during the investment pool.